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My AiAiAi TMA-1 replacement experience

AiAiAi 8

A few months ago my very much cherished headphones the AiAiAi TMA-1 (Beatport addition) headphones broke while I was Dj’ing at Nordstrom. Now I’ve heard rumors of the band breaking on some Dj’s, but didn’t think it would happen to me because I’m super careful when it comes to my equipment….but they still broke. Maybe it was because my head was just too big haha

That day I went home after my gig and contacted the AiAiAi customer service team ASAP and sent them pictures of my broken headphones along with my original receipt from Best Buy. Good thing I saved my receipt (saved it for good ol uncle Sam for write off’s) AiAiAi’s customer service team emailed me right back the same day with the following message:


So take notes kids.. you can’t tape up your old headphones for a spare and have the new ones as well. They want you to cut up the old ones and send a picture. If you’re good at Photoshop I guess you could just fake a picture and send it to them, but I just think that’s bad Karma anyway. I’m confident that if your new ones break under the 3 year warranty AiAiAi will definitely take care of you. They also wrote a statement regarding the TMA-1 headband issues. You can read about it here

Last week I received another email from the team saying I get upgraded to the TMA-2 woohoo and they just came in the mail today! They emailed me on July 7th and I received my replacement today July 15th 🙂


I have yet to test the new TMA-2’s out, but I have a few gigs coming up this week so I’ll maybe follow-up with a review, but I know that my old TMA-1’s were my favorite headphones I ever owned. Overall I give the AiAiAi customer service team 5 stars! The process was quick and they even upgraded me. Now I’m not sure if they upgrade everybody, but this just my experience. You might want to contact them and ask if you’re waiting on a replacement from them.

Below are some pictures of what came in the mail today and a look at the new TMA-2’s (with my old cord & headphone pads).

AiAiAi Package

AiAiAi 2

AiAiAi 4


AiAiAI 6

AiAiAi 7

AiAiAi 9