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NikeTown Seattle grand re-opening and the GLOVE!


TGIF Everybody!

So last week I had the opportunity to spin for Niketown’s grand-reopening in downtown Seattle. Guess how long I spun for…. wait for it… wait for it………..10 HOURS! Crazy right? Even though it was a long time I had a great time with the whole crew and they were so nice to give me free Nike gear! When I showed up one of the crew members asked me “Do you have your gear?” I was like sure! It’s right there on my cart. She was like NO your clothing! LOL!! She handed me a Nike box, track pants and a top. When I went downstairs to change I opened the Nike box and it was a brand spankin new pair of Airmax 95s! I never received a free pair of anything from NIKE before so I was pretty happy and super thankful that I’m even getting an opportunity like this.

IMG_1868The new store was pretty cool, but I think the only cool thing about the store is the ceiling! On you’re way up to the second floor there’s a design in neon lights with Seattle inspired icons.

IMG_1869Warren Moon also joined the festivities to sign the big 12 that’s displayed inside the store.



As the day went by my cousins came by to visit me and one of them goes… hey is that Gary Payton? I looked up stairs and I was like holy shiet! It’s the GLOVE! I guess my DJ psychic abilities kicked in and I was like I’m going to make this man come over here to the DJ booth. So I switched up the music vibe and went straight 90’s! I started with Father MC feat Jodeci- Everything is going to be alright, then went into Johnny Kemp- Just got paid (see where I’m going here?) Then after the 4th song guess who comes downstairs to the DJ booth.. GARY PAYTON!!! In my head I was like YESSSSS it worked!! He was super BTW! That was probably the highlight of the night since I remember watching this guy as a kid in the 90s.

Gary Payton

Well that’s all folks! Till the next post! I’m doing a bunch of the events this week so I’ll def have more blog posts to write. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Go Hawks!



I got the chance to spin for NFL’s Style Lounge at CenturyLink Field during the Seahawks game and OMG I had so much fun!

NFL’s Style Lounge is a traveling Pop up shop that showcases clothing & accessories of the towns team that’s all for the ladies.  With free team manicures aka Fanicures by Cover Girl, Photo booth, Giveaways, and SUPER cute clothing what more can you ask for! Its about time they had something for the ladies.

This was my first time at a game ever (I know how sad) and I was not prepared AT ALL clothing wise haha. I figured okay I better dress cute for the style lounge so I wore a leather skater skirt, stockings, boots, a Seahawks shirt and a thin cardigan. What a stupid idea that was LOL! No wonder people were looking at me crazy as I walked to the stadium.  So of course I ended up buying a beanie and a hoodie while I was Dj’ing. On top of that it was pouring down rain. I’m probably the only person in that whole place that didn’t bring a jacket haha!!

Other than that the event went really well. Everybody that was working at the Style Lounge was super sweet! Someone even brought me Hot Chocolate while I was spinning 🙂

NFL Style Lounge sample Playlist:

  • The Knack – My Sharona
  • NFL Theme
  • Queen – We will rock you
  •  Gary Glitter – Hey Song
  • Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue
  • Brick – Dazz
  • War – Low Rider
  • Jay -Z – Show me what you got
  • Rolling Stones – Missing you
  • Ed Sheeran – Sing
  • Zapp – Doo Wa Ditty
  • Survivor – Eye of the tiger


Style Lounge









Style Lounge inside Med