Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere Nordstrom appearance and Thank you baby Jesus for Spanx!

Happy Monday everybody!

Last week I Dj’ed an event for the new release of Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere’s new fall line and her new book “Cupcakes & Cashmere – At Home“. The folks at Nordstrom were so kind to send me clothing to wear at the event and gave me her new book! Nordstrom contacted me asking me to pick a piece from the new fall line to wear at the event. After being super excited and very thankful that my favorite store in the whole wide world is going to send me a free dress. I started thinking…..oh sh#@! I hope I can fit her clothes haha!
IMG_1712 IMG_1583

So after staring at the computer for about an hour that day… I finally picked the Laurel dress thinking… mmmm that looks like it’s loose lol. With the help of being on Weight Watchers (lost 11 pounds as of today!) and a pair Spanx the dress fit (barely). I forgot to mention that I had to buy a cheap circle skirt at Forever21 to wear underneath because the slip that originally comes with the dress was way to short for my liking or maybe I was too tall haha!! I didn’t want to have my booty showing while I’m lifting 20lb speakers on speaker poles LOL!

The event went really well. I played a lot of Top 40 and tried to sneak in some indie/old school tracks too, but  I think I got the evil eye when I played Michael Jackson woops! I didn’t get to meet Emily Schuman, but I took a few pictures of the event.


Everybody in line to meet Emily!


The treat bar!


Emily is channeling her inner Dj with a playlist for a holiday party (I love it!)

My AiAiAi TMA-1 replacement experience

AiAiAi 8

A few months ago my very much cherished headphones the AiAiAi TMA-1 (Beatport addition) headphones broke while I was Dj’ing at Nordstrom. Now I’ve heard rumors of the band breaking on some Dj’s, but didn’t think it would happen to me because I’m super careful when it comes to my equipment….but they still broke. Maybe it was because my head was just too big haha

That day I went home after my gig and contacted the AiAiAi customer service team ASAP and sent them pictures of my broken headphones along with my original receipt from Best Buy. Good thing I saved my receipt (saved it for good ol uncle Sam for write off’s) AiAiAi’s customer service team emailed me right back the same day with the following message:


So take notes kids.. you can’t tape up your old headphones for a spare and have the new ones as well. They want you to cut up the old ones and send a picture. If you’re good at Photoshop I guess you could just fake a picture and send it to them, but I just think that’s bad Karma anyway. I’m confident that if your new ones break under the 3 year warranty AiAiAi will definitely take care of you. They also wrote a statement regarding the TMA-1 headband issues. You can read about it here

Last week I received another email from the team saying I get upgraded to the TMA-2 woohoo and they just came in the mail today! They emailed me on July 7th and I received my replacement today July 15th 🙂


I have yet to test the new TMA-2’s out, but I have a few gigs coming up this week so I’ll maybe follow-up with a review, but I know that my old TMA-1’s were my favorite headphones I ever owned. Overall I give the AiAiAi customer service team 5 stars! The process was quick and they even upgraded me. Now I’m not sure if they upgrade everybody, but this just my experience. You might want to contact them and ask if you’re waiting on a replacement from them.

Below are some pictures of what came in the mail today and a look at the new TMA-2’s (with my old cord & headphone pads).

AiAiAi Package

AiAiAi 2

AiAiAi 4


AiAiAI 6

AiAiAi 7

AiAiAi 9

What I use to stay organized

Late last year I discovered Erin Condren planners while browsing YouTube one night. If you didn’t know there’s a whole secret society online about these planners. Just search Erin Condren on youtube and you will see a BUNCH of videos on girls hookin up their planner like I never seen before. Its like scrap booking, but with your planner. So guess who got sucked into the hype… Yup me! I’m on my second planner right now and I’m absolutely in LOVE with it! I bought the 2015 life planner last year after I quit my job and just recently bought the 2015/2016 version (Yup Erin Condren talked me into it haha damn youtube videos!). What I love about these planners are not only are they SUPER cute, but there’s so much room to write and I love how the days or broken up into three columns.

But wait! There’s so much more! Below Erin Condren herself shows you the new 2015/2016 planner!

Now I recently got into really decorating my planner just a few weeks ago. There was this ugly red for this month and I just hated looking at it. It wasnt like a bright cute red.. it was like a burnt tomato orangy red LOL  I dunno, but it wasn’t cute at all. So I went to Hobby Lobby and stocked up on a few things. Then I went to Target & Michael’s to get a few MORE things! I think I’m officially falling into the “Planner Addiction”.




Overall I think this planner is super functional and if you like being organized and like things to be cute at the same time. This planner will def work for you. I don’t want to get into too much detail about this planner, because there’s a million blog posts and videos on how to decorate, supplies used ect.

If you’re interested in getting one of these cute planners I have a $10.00 off coupon code just click on the link below 🙂


Here’s some links to my favorite planner videos 🙂






Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere is coming to Seattle July 18th!

Cupcakes & Cashmere Flyer July 18th

Guess who’s coming to Seattle on July 18th! You guessed it Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere! Oh yes and did I mention who’s Dj’ing… MEEE! 🙂 Emily will be at the downtown Seattle Nordstrom on Saturday July 18th from 1-3pm promoting her new capsule collection. There will be sweet treats, beats and you will receive a free copy of her new book with any Cupcakes and Cashmere purchase *while supplies last*. Plus she will be there to sign your book.

If you’re wondering who is Emily Schuman? She’s the Best-selling author and the creator of Cupcakes and Cashmere, a blog that features topics of fashion, food, beauty and interior design. She released the book Cupcakes and Cashmere: A Guide for Defining Your Style, Reinventing Your Space and Entertaining with Ease in August of 2012.

Hope to see you there!

PS. I forgot to mention her clothing line just released today online at Nordstrom! They have some items in stock at the Downtown and Bellevue location too.

Happy Shopping!

C and C 1 C and C 2 c and c 3

Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon Health & Fitness Expo

This was my second year Dj’ing the Rock & Roll Marathon Health & Fitness Expo at Centurylink field! I must say this was the longest Dj shift EVER, but of course its still fun. A whole 9 hours of playing music! The good thing about playing this long is I got to know my music VERY well lol! Plus it was kinda cool going through different genre sets through the day.

Below are some pictures I took of the event.







Discover the Renaissance Hotel!

Global Day of Discovery 2015-Pictures-0003


A few days ago I did an event for the Renaissance Hotel in Seattle called “Global Day of Discovery“. If you’re wondering…. what the heck is that? It’s a global event that all Renaissance Hotels (all 160 of them) are doing on the same day “June 11th. Guests and locals are invited to enjoy drinks, food, art, music and more! It also marks the official launch of the Evenings at Renaissance.

“There is always an opportunity for the unexpected at Renaissance Hotels,” said Dan Vinh, Vice President, Marketing “The Next Gen traveler wants to make the most of business travel to discover local music, art and culinary experiences that they can share with others. With Global Day of Discovery, we celebrate what Renaissance does every day to help our guests discover the soul of the neighborhood and experience the people, sights, sounds, tastes and art of the local culture that make each city unique.”

The event was super chill, but I think the highlight of the night was when one of the guys that worked there busted out and said something about twerkin and Miley Cyrus then started poppin his booty! He totally caught me off guard and didn’t look like the type either to say something like that. Middle aged man in a suit (I think he was one of the managers) and then all of a sudden those two words come out his mouth “twerkin” “Miley Cyrus” hahahahaha. I totally wasn’t playing anything near twerk music or Miley Cyrus but that made my night! They also had what they called their signature bar ritual where a man with lots of muscles and a great tan walks in and makes the signature punch for the night aka spiked punch!

I also had a chance to meet the talented Brooke Westlund! Her art was amazing and she even made a painting live at the event of the Seattle skyline which was one of the prizes given away at the end of the night.

Overall the event went well and if I wasn’t Dj’ing I would totally go to this event. It was like a lounge you would find somewhere in Belltown, but at a Hotel!

Other vendors included:

Glass Vodka

International Rescue committee

Meetings Imagined

Below are some pictures of the event courtesy of Jeanne Phinney 

View More: http://jphinneyphotography.pass.us/globaldayofdiscovery2015


Global Day of Discovery 2015-Pictures-0034

View More: http://jphinneyphotography.pass.us/globaldayofdiscovery2015

View More: http://jphinneyphotography.pass.us/globaldayofdiscovery2015

View More: http://jphinneyphotography.pass.us/globaldayofdiscovery2015

View More: http://jphinneyphotography.pass.us/globaldayofdiscovery2015

View More: http://jphinneyphotography.pass.us/globaldayofdiscovery2015

View More: http://jphinneyphotography.pass.us/globaldayofdiscovery2015

View More: http://jphinneyphotography.pass.us/globaldayofdiscovery2015

View More: http://jphinneyphotography.pass.us/globaldayofdiscovery2015

View More: http://jphinneyphotography.pass.us/globaldayofdiscovery2015

View More: http://jphinneyphotography.pass.us/globaldayofdiscovery2015

View More: http://jphinneyphotography.pass.us/globaldayofdiscovery2015

View More: http://jphinneyphotography.pass.us/globaldayofdiscovery2015

St. Jude’s Glamour & Giving featuring ABC’s season 9 Bachelorette!


Last week I did this cool charity event for St. Jude at Neiman Marcus called “Glamour & Giving” .It was hosted by the ABC’s season 9 Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock and her husband Chris Siegfried! It featured a summer runway show, private shopping (Neiman Marcus shut down for the occasion), a high-end auction, a photo booth, music by yours truly and most importantly a special tribute to local families who’ve utilized St. Jude’s lifesaving services.

Honestly I don’t watch much TV so I really never seen the show haha, but they were both very nice! I wish I would have taken a picture with them, but like most of the events I do.. I’m do busy Dj’ing lol! They had tables everywhere around the store filled with different items and this pretty cool way of bidding used by a bunch of ipads.

Below are some pictures I took of the event.







Kahlua Cult Film Nights!

Last week I attended this really cool event put on by Kahlua called “Kahlua Cult Film Nights” at Central Cinema courtesy of Kendall’s Dj and Events. This was my first time attending an event put on by Kahlua and let me tell you…. they sure know how to treat their guests! There was an open bar serving all the Kahlua favorites: Mind Erasers, White Russians, Black Russians, and Kahlua/Coffee. They also had appetizers, popcorn, brownies, and more Kahlua drinks all while watching the movie! Even the decor was all decked out in Kahlua gear!

The movie of the night was “Wet Hot American Summer”. The film takes place during the last day at a fictional Jewish summer camp in 1981, before closing for the summer. I must say after a few of those mind erasers this movie was pretty funny! LOL

Below are some pictures of the event that I took.


PicMonkey Collage








IMG_1038 (2)


FullSizeRender (3)