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YO if you haven’t been to Day Shift you’re missing out big time!!

Its one of my favorite parties so far in the Summer! I just love the vibe of the whole event from the Dj’s, the venue and people. Day shift throws these parties often only in the summer, but they also do Night Shift which is their night parties that go on monthly. For more info check out their website for the next event. Trust me you won’t be disappointed!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of Dj’ing at Day Shift with some of Seattle’s finest Dj’s  and Skratch Bastid himself. If you haven’t heard of the name you best recognize! Just google the name or check out his website at

Below is some snaps I took of him at Dayshift:

FullSizeRender (1)



Movement for change with KaisaFit

Last Sunday I Dj’ed my very first fitness class at Melrose Market for Lululemon. Probably one of the earliest gigs I have ever done, but it was all for a good cause. Lululemon teamed up with Kaisafit to put on “Movement for Change”. Now if you haven’t heard of KaisaFit  get your phone out right now and search her name on Instagram. Go ahead I’ll wait……. haha!! This girl is a BEAST! Prior to the event I was watching her videos like HOLY SH%$ how does she do that! Another cool thing about her is she’s from Seattle too (woot woot!).

Before the event I was emailing Kaisa back and forth trying to get an understanding of the kind of music she wanted. All I saw in the email was “I love 90’s” and right then I was doing the running man in my head dancing with happiness! LOL

I attended a few fitness classes before, but her class was so different. Her energy was off the hook and I can see she has so much passion for what she does its amazing to witness. I vibed so much off of her when playing. I seriously felt like I was at a night club and Kaisa was the hype women on the mic.

Another cool fact about this event was 100% of all the money made was donated to Mary’s Place!

Mary’s Place provides a welcoming environment where homeless women, children, and families can find day and night shelter, nourishment, resources, healing and hope to help them find permanent housing.

PS. I over heard there’s going to be another KaisaFit class coming soon in the Summer, but at a much larger scale we’re talking about 300+ so stay tuned!

Here lies Love opening night party

Wow what a night last night!

I Dj’ed at the KEXP studios for a private party that Seattle Repertory Theater put on for everyone that’s apart of the Here lies love team and for their family & friends. The theme of the night was DISCO!

If you haven’t heard about Here Lies Love its a concept album and rock musical made in collaboration between David Byrne and Fatboy Slim, about the life of the former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos along with the woman who raised her—Estrella Cumpas—and follows Marcos until she and her family were forced to leave the Philippines. Cool right?

The show will be here till May 28th so make sure you go out and get your tickets and guess what! I have a discount link for 30%off!

Like always below are some pictures of the event and even some short video clips I took while Dj’ing so you can see how these people were getting down!!!

Live mix from Amber Restaurant & Lounge

Happy Tuesday!

I recently uploaded a new mix on Mixcloud of my live set at Amber Restaurant & Lounge on 2/11/17. It’s just a mix of pretty much everything but its guaranteed to make you shake your bootay! This mix is perfect for those sleepy morning Mondays or even Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays haha!

Below is the link to listen on my mixcloud and if you want to downloaded it check out my website

Seahawks appreciation night with George Fant @ True Religion Bellevue

True Religion teamed up with George Fant of the Seattle Seahawks for a special “Seahawks appreciation night”. There was southern food, champagne and even Hennessey what what! First time I Dj’ed an in store event serving Hennessey!

A few other Seahawk players showed up but of course me not being a sports fan I had no idea who they were I know I’m so lame. The best part of the night (for me that is!) was when the manager let me have a pair of headphones AND let me pick out a pair of jeans (ahh the lovely perks of Dj’ing in a retail store).

Below are pictures of the event courtesy of Tanisha Frazier of Moments Captured ENJOY!

Capital Hill’s PRIDE!


I had so much fun Dj’ing for Capital Hill’s PRIDE last week. I was able to catch a few acts before me and OMG I saw this Drag Queen that goes by the name of “Lady Bunny“. After seeing her I have a new love for Drag Queens!

Then I was able to meet Candis Cayne from the TV show I am Cait. I was sitting next to her not even knowing who she was till  my friend filled me in LOL that just shows you how much TV I watch haha!

13230150_10154161145906445_4722237535942488750_n (1)






Weekend with the Iron GIrls!

2015 IG Hero Seattle

Hello there!

This past weekend I had so much fun spinning for Iron Girl for the first time both Saturday and Sunday at Genesse Park. Iron Girl launched in 2004 with just two events in the United States. Since then the Iron Girl gained so much popularity over the years that the event broadened over the past decade. Starting with 5 and 10k to half marathons, expending and incorporating mother/daughter races and sprint triathlon’s! Iron Girl has even been featured in a range of media outlets that include USA Today, The New York Times, Runner’s World, Family Circle, Ok! Magazine and Women’s Health! They now have triathlon’s all over America!

Day 1

On Day #1 was registration/packet pickup for the triathlon and United Healthcare Iron Kids Seattle fun run that consists of a 1/4 mile or 1 mile course. They even had doctor dog (I think that was his name) joining the kids at the start line before they took off running. The first song I played as they started running was “Who let the dogs out” haha this was a suggestion from one of the Iron Girl team members which was a great suggestion! Too bad I didn’t have it on my computer. I’ll be honest I haven’t heard that songs in years. Thank gawd for WIFI & ITunes! Woohoo





day 2

Day #2 was the big day and I’ll be honest it was the first time I had to wake up before the birds, the sun and Starbucks!  YUP I was up at 4am and out the door by 5am. That’s probably what time most Dj’s go to sleep haha! It was kind of nice to be able to watch the sun rise though especially on Lake Washington. I started playing music at 6am while the runners started making their way to the start line. Around 9am was when the party started and the runners started crossing the finish line. My set consisted of really high energy music. In my head I was thinking.. high energy work out music that had a “I made it” feeling haha. I also found out the true meaning of what it means when someone says “eat my dust!”. These ladies were going so fast that me, my laptop and equipment was eating all the dust that was getting kicked up from the runners! haha I forgot to mention the announcer Dexter was so awesome! I haven’t vibed off of an MC like that in a while! For the last people to cross the finish line he rounded up the ladies to form what he calls the circle of love. Right when I heard that I played Rihanna’s – We Found Love and then I followed with Matthew Wilder’s – Break my stride for the last two runners.

the circle of love

It was so inspiring to see these runners in all shapes, sizes and ages working their asses off to the finish line and to see all these women come together to make this one big event was very empowering! If you have never attended one of these events I would highly recommend it. Even if you’re not running it’s so cool to witness all these runners and their hard work pay of at the finish line.

Like always here’s more pictures of the event 🙂