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What I use to stay organized

Late last year I discovered Erin Condren planners while browsing YouTube one night. If you didn’t know there’s a whole secret society online about these planners. Just search Erin Condren on youtube and you will see a BUNCH of videos on girls hookin up their planner like I never seen before. Its like scrap booking, but with your planner. So guess who got sucked into the hype… Yup me! I’m on my second planner right now and I’m absolutely in LOVE with it! I bought the 2015 life planner last year after I quit my job and just recently bought the 2015/2016 version (Yup Erin Condren talked me into it haha damn youtube videos!). What I love about these planners are not only are they SUPER cute, but there’s so much room to write and I love how the days or broken up into three columns.

But wait! There’s so much more! Below Erin Condren herself shows you the new 2015/2016 planner!

Now I recently got into really decorating my planner just a few weeks ago. There was this ugly red for this month and I just hated looking at it. It wasnt like a bright cute red.. it was like a burnt tomato orangy red LOL  I dunno, but it wasn’t cute at all. So I went to Hobby Lobby and stocked up on a few things. Then I went to Target & Michael’s to get a few MORE things! I think I’m officially falling into the “Planner Addiction”.




Overall I think this planner is super functional and if you like being organized and like things to be cute at the same time. This planner will def work for you. I don’t want to get into too much detail about this planner, because there’s a million blog posts and videos on how to decorate, supplies used ect.

If you’re interested in getting one of these cute planners I have a $10.00 off coupon code just click on the link below 🙂

Here’s some links to my favorite planner videos 🙂