Kahlua Cult Film Nights!

Last week I attended this really cool event put on by Kahlua called “Kahlua Cult Film Nights” at Central Cinema courtesy of Kendall’s Dj and Events. This was my first time attending an event put on by Kahlua and let me tell you…. they sure know how to treat their guests! There was an open bar serving all the Kahlua favorites: Mind Erasers, White Russians, Black Russians, and Kahlua/Coffee. They also had appetizers, popcorn, brownies, and more Kahlua drinks all while watching the movie! Even the decor was all decked out in Kahlua gear!

The movie of the night was “Wet Hot American Summer”. The film takes place during the last day at a fictional Jewish summer camp in 1981, before closing for the summer. I must say after a few of those mind erasers this movie was pretty funny! LOL

Below are some pictures of the event that I took.


PicMonkey Collage








IMG_1038 (2)


FullSizeRender (3)


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