Capital Hill’s PRIDE!

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I had so much fun Dj’ing for Capital Hill’s PRIDE last week. I was able to catch a few acts before me and OMG I saw this Drag Queen that goes by the name of “Lady Bunny“. After seeing her I have a new love for Drag Queens!

Then I was able to meet Candis Cayne from the TV show I am Cait. I was sitting next to her not even knowing who she was till  my friend filled me in LOL that just shows you how much TV I watch haha!

Below are some pictures I took of the event 🙂





IMG_4351 (1)

Me and Candis Cayne!


Lady Bunny workin it!


Sandal and Sangria at Neiman Marcus

Last weekend I Dj’ed a fun event for Neiman Marcus called “Sandals and Sangria”. The event was from 12-3pm. They served cute shoe shaped cookies and Sangria (YUM!). The event was pretty chill I honestly had fun drooling over all the shoes I can’t afford haha.

Here’s some pictures of the event 🙂

IMG_4353IMG_4318 (1)IMG_4321IMG_4320 (1)IMG_4317 (1)IMG_4324 (1)

Damn you El Capitan!

So as most of you know Apple released their newest operating system “El Capitan” and oh how I hate it soooo much! I updated my computer not too long ago thinking everything is all good right… WRONG. I had a mobile gig a few weeks ago and when it was time to play. My computer wasn’t reading my Rane 57 mixer. That’s when I went into panic mode!


After loosing if for a good 10 minutes..restarting my computer and my mixer about five times. I finally said Fck it and used Virtual Dj for the night (Hey don’t judge lol). Good thing it was a chill corporate event.. I can just imagine if this happened at a club omg.

So the next day I was researching on the internet on how to go back to the old operating system Yosemite. I only found videos if you backed your computer up with time machine which I didn’t so I decided to contact Apple. Below are the steps on how to go back to Yosemite, but just a warning. When go through these steps it will ERASE everything on your computer. So make sure you back everything up on a hard drive.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 7.47.21 PM


Its been 1 year and I SURVIVED!

A year ago (October 1st) I wrote my very first blog post on how I took the risk and quit my stable corporate job  that I been at for 8 years to Dj full time. So much has happened since then and honestly I wish I would have quit my job earlier, but hey better late then never! I can remember that feeling I had like it was yesterday walking away from my cubicle and out those corporate doors for the last time thinking… this is really happening! Then just doing one big scream when I went in my car just saying “YESSSS I DID IT!!” and a few FCK YEA’S and tears came out too haha.

Since then things haven’t been that bad! I managed to stay busy all year with maybe a few scary weeks in the beginning of the year but everything worked out. Actually on my anniversary (October 1st) I was actually on a cruise ship Dj’ing. How crazy is that?!

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not bashing working in a office or anybody who does this for a living. I just know that it wasn’t for me, but working that long at corporate wasn’t all bad. I actually learned several skills that I now use on the business side of Dj’ing now. I truly believe things happen for a reason!

Here’s a few tips that I wanted to share with you that has helped me out in my first year of Dj’ing full time.

  • Treat Dj’ing like a business

Dj’ing is a fun job don’t get me wrong, but its not all about getting free drinks in the club and kissing promoters asses (sorry for being so blunt lol). Get your business license! Get a legit looking logo from a professional. Make business cards and a website. Even get invoices that have your logo on them. Learn the tax side of things like business expenses, what you can’t and can write off and all those other fun Uncle Sam things.


  • Wake up before 10am

Now I know its hard to fall into that “Dj schedule” but since I quit my job I still wake up at 9am everyday (except when I’m dj’ing on cruise ships lol). I wake up .. have my coffee and head to my office to work on whatever I have to do that day and answer all my emails. Trust me you get more done in the day and you can lock down gigs faster.


  • Hustle EVERYDAY

What I mean by this is when you’re not Dj’ing or have days off during the week. Work on something.. either download music, write a blog post, make a mix, contact clients, update your website ect. Don’t just look at your days when you’re not Dj’ing as a day off. Keep Hustlin!


  • Be nice to people

Simple as that just be nice to people and be humble. Nobody likes working with a cocky A-hole or someone that’s super fake. Be nice because you mean it. My motto is “Treat your clients like your family”.


  • Make a vision board

If you haven’t watched the movie the “Secret” watch it NOW. It will explain everything


  • Read Books

Don’t stop learning. I like to read a lot of self help and business books. You will be surprised on how much you can learn.



Holy Controlly!! I finally gave in and bought one……


This is the Pioneer DDJ-SB, it’s probably the cheapest controller out right now that uses Serato DJ. This was on sale for $199.00 at Guitar Center. Now I didn’t really plan on buying this.. I just went in to Guitar Center looking for a mic clip for my lapel mic and of course I had to “look” around too. What’s funny is I was thinking about buying the DDJ-SB while I was there, but I just made myself leave the store… and after I drove two blocks. I made a U-turn and came back to buy it! haha I’m sooo indecisive it’s sickening!

I bought this controller for a few reasons…..

#1 I’m leaving on a cruise next week for a month and I really wanted something in my cabin so I can still practice on my sets during my downtime on my cruise.

#2 Since I do a lot of mobile gigs my turntables & mixer are always packed up. It’s such a pain having to set them up at home to practice and then break them down the next day for a gig.

#3 Since my mixer is being fixed at the moment this saved me during a wedding last weekend. I brought my fiancé’s Vestax mixer thinking it worked.. and 30 minutes before the wedding started. His mixer decided to not turn on! Good thing I brought this to my gig.. I would have been so ass’ed out! So its great to have for backup at gigs incase you have any technical difficulties like I had! haha

Now don’t get it twisted I’m not switching over to being a “Controller” Dj, I still love my Technics to death and I’ll never get rid of those. I don’t think anything can replace those, but just for convenience I think having one of these comes in handy at times. I know some of you are against these controllers, but I mean it’s not like I “learned” how to Dj using one of these.

After using the DDJ-SB for a few hours last weekend, the only thing that’s still tricky for me is the pitch. The pitch is so sensitive! Also when trying to slow down or speed up the song using the platters I just can’t get it right, but I’m up for the challenge! I’m sure after putting in some hours mixing on it I’ll get it right.

Overall I’m happy I bought this. I can practice more often and get to know my music! Plus now I have something my nephew can play with without breaking my needles! lol Now what’s next on the shopping list is the Raiden Fader! 🙂

Do you own a controller? I would love to know your thoughts on the whole new controller “Dj” era and if you have any tips please share!